Wild Web is a small design and communications agency with broad experience, across the field expertise, and a large network of skilled partners. We are working with photographers, illustrators, animation artists and film producers, and can therefore offer a broad spectrum of services and a complete design solution. We do the whole job from idea to finished product based on our three part recipe.

Good communication can't be overvalued. We help you to formulate your message in a way that really reaches the intended target group. For a successful Internet solution, a user friendly website with interactive structure and easy to understand navigation is vital.

Unique design makes your business stand out and gives you an advantage towards your competitors. The visual expression is at least as important as the text itself, and should accentuate and strengthen the message that your business wishes to send to your customers. Well thought through design is all important, from initial decisions such as logo design through to the development of the entire website.

Optimal technique makes it easier for your customers to use the website and for you to administer it. We make Internet solutions specially adapted to your company's needs, whether this are simpler sites which you can easily update yourself, or more interactive sites for instance with Internet store solutions. We are using the popular content management system Drupal, which is being chosen for a steadily increasing number of professional websites all over the world. We can help you increase traffic on your site by optimizing against Google and other search engines.

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Gunnar Mathisen has been working with computers and programming since he was 15, and has developed and administered websites for a number of non-profit organisations. He has a Bachelor degree from the University of Oslo and has lived five years in New York.

Ylva Hustedt has an education in journalism and documentary film making from Volda University College. Thereafter, she has worked as a reporter in both Norway and abroad or amongst others ZTV, TV4 Sweden and TV2 Norway. She has long experience in visual media and has taken further education in graphic design and web communication.

We are working closely and informally with our customers, have fun at work, and are passionate about what we are doing. Welcome to a fruitful cooperation with us!